Information for Advertisers is a site attracting motorcycle riders of all types. It’s main function is to provide a method for riders to get a good-luck ride-bell for their motorcycles, while getting around the part of the legend saying that you cannot buy the bell for yourself. We have created a buy-it-forward program, allowing riders to pick out a bell they want for themselves once they pay for someone else’s bell.

Secondary reasons for visiting the site are the weekly technical articles, other items in our tech section (TCLOCKS diagram, for example) and the store. Our technical articles are well written and illustrated, and have excellent reviews on forums including the Southern Cruisers Riding Club national forum, and many other high-trafficked forums.

Additionally, we run monthly drawings and give away real items people can use. For example, this month we’re giving away a Biker Buddy ™ Headlight Modulator. You can enter once per day for the drawing.


General Traffic Statistics (Weekly)

Our traffic comes directly from social networking to motorcycle enthusiasts via Facebook (groups), Twitter, LinkedIn, and the many Delphi Forums. Our traffic is the targeted traffic you need.

800+ unique visitors
250+ return visitors
400+ visits to our storefront
700+ visits to our blog


Advertising options

We are currently accepting 125x125 banners for use on the margins of the different pages. Your banner will appear on every page being shown to the user. Payment options include 3, 6, and 12 month options.

Cost for a 7 day rotation: $40
Cost for a 30 day ad rotation: $100 does not offer discounts for bulk/long-term advertising. 


Contact Details
c/o Palm Beach Software Design, Inc.
1901 S. Congress Ave. Suite 350
Boynton Beach, FL 33426

Phone: 561.572.0233


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