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Headlight Modulators Save Lives

4/17/2009 1:23:29 PM

I wanted to let you know that my all-time favorite holiday present for my bike is my Biker-Buddy headlight modulator. It simply plugs in between the headlight bulb connector and the original wiring harness, and tucks away inside the headlight.  We're talking 2 screws, and a plug.  We can all handle this 5 minute job!

What is does is make the light flash about 100+ times per minute when on high beams during daylight hours. There's a light sensor that turns off the flashing for night time.  Since I've installed it, I have not had a single car turn out in front of me.  I'm VISIBLE, and that's fixing a serious problem, especially with all the old folks here in Palm Beach, Florida.

I have had a few people even come up to me and tell me that I "have a short" in my headlight because it's flashing...which just tells me that IT'S WORKING.  I smile politely and thank them for noticing people on two wheels.

Since I've had such great results with the headlight modulator, I've since invested in a brake flasher (Kury) as well.  This turns your rear signals into running lights/turn signals, and when you hit your brakes it quickly flashes 5 times before going solid.  Both these mods cost me less than $150, and it's well worth it.  I have a family at home, and I love my life too much not to go the extra mile to protect myself.

You're here because you wanted the protection of the ride bell, but with the modulators AND the bell, you're covered both by luck and by real preventative measures.

Ride Safe and HAVE FUN! Life's way too short.
Cya Soon!
Mark Turkel



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