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Windshield Vent Modification

12/6/2009 12:00:00 AM

Windshield Vent Modification

Today it was quite warm and humid here in South Florida…it is also the day I decided it's time to install the Honda Goldwing windshield air vent I purchased last month.  Yeah, I have been procrastinating…  Anyway, here's what, how, and why:

I purchased the vent from Saber-Cycles.com - the cost was $29, with $6 for shipping.  Not too bad at all!

It came with a template.  I used masking tape to tape the template to the inside portion of the windshield, about 3" up from the fairing in the center, because I was afraid of scratching the dash in my Royal Star Venture.  If I do it to my "summer" windshield, I think I'll lower it an inch, now that I know that I have the right tool for the job.

After taping on the template, I used a permanent marker to carefully transfer the lines to the front of the windshield.  I then used a 2" thick masking tape and covered the majority of the windshield so I wouldn't scratch anything.  Following that, I got an old sheet (while my wife wasn't looking) and taped it around the front fairing, and then wrapped it around the inside to cover the dash and fuel tank, etc, again using more masking tape to "seal" out the plastic particles from when I cut the windshield.  Since they're going to be statically charged, they'll stick to EVERYTHING, so this worked out great.  After drilling and cutting I was able to get it all cleaned up with my handy shop vac.

The next step was to drill 4 7/16" holes in the 4 corners, and this was also illustrated in the template, with an "x" in the center.  I then used an exacto knife to "drill" a tiny divot in the plexiglass so the drill-bit wouldn't skip. (I was smart this time!).  When you drill out the 4 holes, use a higher speed on the drill, and don't push hard - let the bit do the work.  When you get through, be ready for it to pull the bit towards the windshield quickly since the hole is not yet "perfect".  Reverse the drill to back it out, then re-drill.  Do NOT force it, as you will end up with a less than perfect hole, or worse - a crack.

Once the holes were drilled, I chickened out because I thought the handheld scroll saw was too bulky…so I took a ride up to Harbor Freight and bought this cutting tool.  It cut through the plexiglass like "butta" and allowed me very precise control. Again, take your time and let the tool do the work, not your muscles.  I cut INSIDE my lines, figuring that it's better to be a bit small rather than too large -- I can always take more off, right?

After I got the plexiglass removed, the then used a flat wood file to shave off the "fuzz" from cutting, and smooth out the line - don't take off too much material, any jagged edges get covered up, so just worry about the fit.

We're almost done!  I needed the help of my lovely wife because the final step requires 4 hands.  I replaced the 1/4" screws supplied with 1/2", and put a dab of blue (temporary) Loctite on each. The windshield on my bike must be thicker than the Goldwing, and this was a perfect fix.  Make sure you clean the windshield well before final assembly (2 screws).

Here's some pictures of the final product - looks clean and neat, and my test ride showed that it was a good decision, as I now feel the air coming through my helmet's chin-vent very well!

So for a total of $50, including a tool that I will use again for sure, I added a nice mod to my bike.  I can stay cool on warm days, and it also kills the vacuum behind the windshield so my wife and I will get more air.  On the cold days (yes, we get some, too), I can simply close the vent.

Next week we'll go two-up on the highway, and see how the change of airflow affects things for my wife riding behind me.  Hopefully less buffeting.

That's it for this week…don't forget we have a Holiday SPECIAL running, and you can send a friend a ride bell for $9.99 (shipping included) and you'll also get a free bell from a "secret Santa" in return!  Now THAT is a deal!



Created By: Higgins D  On 3/4/2011 9:34:21 AM
   Its been 2 years, did this mod help on wind buffeting?
Created By: Admin S  On 4/18/2012 11:55:59 PM
   Absolutely! I've added one to both short and long shield. It relieves the vacuum behind the windshield so you're getting all kinds of air!

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