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Riding in the rain

1/30/2010 2:54:56 PM

I was reading one of my LinkedIn groups today, and someone posted a question about riding in the rain.  I thought I'd post my reply. Nobody's an expert, and everyone has some good tidbits to share.  Here are some of them:

1. Get GOOD rain gear.
2: Practice putting it on while on the side of the road with your helmet and boots on - yes, seriously.
3: Wax your windsheild. Don't use RAINX - it will fog plastic.
4: Wax your helmet visor (if you use a full face)
5. Waterproof boots (I have the Icon Accelerant and they're great!)
6. Remember that any paint on the ground is like ICE when wet.

Next, remember that once it starts raining the first 30 minutes are the most dangerous. This is when oil rises from the crevices and cracks in the road from the water (it's lighter than water). If you can, that's the best time to stop for a coffee/bathroom break...give it a good 30 minutes to let the oil run off the side of the road.

One additional: pack your rain gear in your right-side saddle bag. That is not only the 'high bag' when the bike is one the kickstand making it easier to access, but it keeps you away from traffic. Also, be sure to put the flashers on when you stop to put on the rain suit. He's right - don't try to hop around putting your rain suit on for the first time along the side of the road in the middle of a thunderstorm. Practice - and put it on first if it looks like rain is certain.

Last but not least: WATCH WHERE YOU PUT YOUR FEET DOWN. I dropped my bike once in an intersection stopping for a light, and once at the gas station. Both times because I stepped into an oil/water mess.

Finally: Use common sense. Slow down a bit. Allow for longer braking distance. Use BOTH brakes simultaneously. If you skid with the rear brake, HOLD IT UNTIL YOU STOP...front brakes, you have to let the wheel turn or you're going down.

Hope these tips help.  If you have any good ones that I can add here, please email me: mark@RideBellChain.com

Until next time, ride safe, ride as much as you can, and HAVE FUN!



Created By: Berry P  On 9/1/2010 11:58:40 PM
   One more tip. If you stop under a bridge to don your rain suit, use the concrete barrier as a shield against the traffic. Move to the far side, away from traffic while you suit up. Drivers tend to go where they look, and several motorcycles parked by the side of the road are targets for passing vehicles. Paul

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