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Our Daytona Bikeweek 2010 Adventure - Part 1

3/7/2010 4:56:25 PM

When you think of Florida, you think of warm weather, sunshine, playing on the beach, and of course riding without the heavy Winter gear, right? This 2010 Bikeweek was quite different to say the least.  With temperatures in the mornings at sub-40 degrees, as well as a dose of "bad economy", Daytona was quite the "Ghost Town" when we were there during the first weekend of the famous biker event.  A NICE SURPRISE for those that ventured out that weekend, as the roads were not all clogged, and the folks out and riding were very happy about that!

This week's article is going to be mostly pictures, so here we go:

This is my lovely and cold wife, Lorraine, at our first stop on the way up.  We live in Boynton Beach, FL (use Google maps and lookup 33437 to see where we started.

This first stop was in Ft. Pierce - one of my favorite places to go surfing and get out of "town".

We are getting ready to turn right (East) and cross the Intracoastal Waterway to the outer island of Ft.  Pierce.  Love this building!

Crossing the North Bridge.  We'll eventually hit A1A - the road that goes along the coast from the Keys to Jacksonville, and we'll do a little riding along the ocean.  (Who wants to be on the highway the entire time???)  We did take the Florida Turnpike to pass all the big cities and traffic, but now it's time to ride and relax!

After riding along the beach for about an hour, we ran into some construction and heavy traffic in the Vero Beach area, so we stopped for lunch, then we all decided we wanted to "Get there", so here we are at Destination Daytona - the Bruce Rossmeyer Harley Davidson dealership and "theme park".  Pretty cool place, and there were also lots of boutique shops specifically for motorcycles, and a hotel.  Here were are in the parking lot.

Even though it was the first day, and it was only about 45 degrees, the parking lot was suspiciously empty…the bikes that were there was great to look at, though.

It's a bike!  It's a car!  Nope, it's a Boss Hoss! 8 cylinders of American Iron driving this beast.

Hey - didn't I see this bike in Hot Bike magazine? Looked even better in person!

Lucky we forgot our checkbook!  The HD salesman saw us walk in from across the store, came and got my wife with a cheesy line of "have I got the bike for you!"… It was lowered, chromed, beautiful paint, and the girliest rhinestone skulls all over it - shining like diamonds… $26k…..OUCH!  :)

This is a "Rossmeyer Flyer" and for some reason, I REALLY liked it!  Again, glad we left the checkbook at home! (This might become the "chorus" to the Daytona Bikeweek song!)

Cool Honda Valkyrie Trike

We saw so many cool side cars!  I can see my dog riding with me, goggles on and tongue flopping in the wind!

I woke up Saturday morning to this amazing sun rise.  It's about 38 degrees…brrrr.  "Red Skies at Morning, Sailor Take Warning"…it started raining soon after this pic, and kept raining until around 2:00…brrrr.

This was really cool - these are the tunnels that go under the Daytona Speedway track to the infield.  All bikers were welcome inside, so we had to do it!

Here were are, all warm and toasty with our heavy leather jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and raingear for the final layer!  I felt like the Michelin Man, but glad we ventured out anyway!

Here I am trying on a Yamaha R6. All the vendors were setup, but they weren't letting us ride any of the bikes because of the wet roads. Bummer, or maybe it's a good thing…I wouldn't have minded having a second bike in the garage.  Glad I left the checkbook at home!  :)

Here's my baby, standing proudly as one of the few Yamaha Royal Star Ventures I saw this day.  Man, Yami shot themselves in the foot by keeping this bike a secret! I couldn't be any happier with my choice!

We passed a tent with really cool trikes and side cars.  This Indian was just beautiful! (My wife's favorite bikes).  

This is a trike version of my Royal Star - quite interesting.

A BMW with a Side-car.  Looks like a James Bond bike!

What do you say when you see raw power like this?

We came back to the hotel to warm up a bit…looks cold, huh?

You know it's cold when the seagulls are just standing there, facing the wind and not flying around!

Finally clearing up the next morning. Still cold, but the sun warms the black leather quickly and it's perfect riding weather!  Yes, the sand is packed hard enough to ride full-dresser bikes along the beach.  How sweet is that?!!!

Look how EMPTY the streets are!  This is Daytona Bikeweek, right?? We scored empty roads by braving the cold and rain, and got perfect riding conditions when it should have been a miserable traffic jam!  Woo-hoo!

OK, stay tuned for Part 2 of this story, which covers the famous Daytona Loop and our wonderful ride home.  We have great pictures to share with you!

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Until next time, Ride Safe and Have FUN!
Mark Turkel



Created By: wu m  On 3/9/2010 9:01:56 AM
   Looks like a great trip!!

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