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Ahhh, Winter has arrived in South Florida!

10/18/2009 10:01:20 AM

Wow! What a great way to wake up this fine Sunday morning! Yesterday, it was 88 degrees and so humid that simply "breathing" made you sweat.  It seems we were having a Fall HEATWAVE down here in South Florida...temps in the 90's for the last few weeks.  My lawn is dying from lack of rain and sunburn...but now I think I can finally say that summer (and Hurricane Season) is over for 2009.  Whew!

Time to break out the leather jacket...no more sweaty helmet! Oh yea, this is nice.  We'll even plant flowers now (we do our flowers in the Winter down here).  But this is not the real topic of my blog this week...this week's topic is about staying warm so you can ride longer.

The windchill chart below was "borrowed" from a post by a great guy named "Yoda" on the Yamaha Royal Star Touring Deluxe and Royal Star Venture forum, (http://forums.delphiforums.com/vrider/start) - great place with some great people!

Winchill Chart courtesy of Yoda at http://forums.delphiforums.com/vrider/start

I thought it was a timely post because us "Southerners" don't always know how to deal with the weather when it's not warm and balmy.  Wind chill is something we just don't think about down here...we watch the "heat index" instead.  But from past experience, I KNOW that cold "hurts"...especially when we're not used to it.

So the rule for an enjoyable Winter ride in "moderate" temperatures is to layer.  I usually will wear riding pants over my jeans if I'm going to be on the bike for more than 30 minutes when the temps drop below 60 degrees.  I also will wear a short sleeved T-shirt, covered by a long sleeve T-shirt, covered by my learther jacket, of course,  so I can peel them off as the day warms up. It's always better to be able to take off a bit at a time, I think.

For the folks up North in the "real" cold...please be careful...snow and ice (especially black ice) is dangerous, and levels all riders of all skills to "little humans hanging on for dear life"...so let's be careful out there this winter. I don't want to hear any bad stories...

I would love to hear from you all about what types of gear you use to stay warm.

Ride Safe, and keep the rubber side down!
Mark Turkel



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