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Our Daytona Bikeweek 2010 Adventure Part 2

3/14/2010 2:34:45 PM

Our Daytona Adventure - Part 2: Riding

Click HERE for Part 1...

This part of our story starts on Sunday morning.  We were supposed to meet up with our Southern Cruiser Riding Club (SCRC) group in the morning, and then we had planned on going to the SCRC Meet and Greet at lunchtime…but we got on the road in the morning to go have breakfast and it was just BEAUTIFUL that day…warming temps hitting the upper 60's and it felt even warmer in the sunshine, so we abandoned all plans and decided that we should do some riding, since we spend the first couple of days at the speedway.

Before we left the house, I programmed the famous Daytona Loop route into my Tomtom Rider 2, so I quickly pulled that up and off we went, for another non-crowded ride away from the city!

This is crossing the Granada Bridge in Ormond Beach (just a few miles North of Daytona Beach), and where we started the loop.  We'll cross the Halifax river to get to A1A - the road that cruises along the beach.

We headed North on A1A - empty roads and empty beaches! How nice!

Nice lifeguard station.

We pulled over and took a short walk on the boardwalk to the beach to see what we could see…beautiful, empty brown-sand beach as far as the eye can see in both directions. 

It's nice to take the time to "smell the flowers"…

Hello????  Is this Bikeweek???  Where did everyone go?  (No, I'm not complaining - just pointing out the low turnout on the first weekend…it was COLD!)

Here we are at the Northern End of the loop, and we just turned West to once again cross the Halifax River, but on the other side, it's very different from the big city of Daytona.

We're cruising along the river, heading West, and were surprised by curvy roads with lots of turns.  It's beautiful to see the Florida Oaks with moss hanging from them.

I just love riding through the tunnel of trees.  We had our favorite tunes playing and the nice mellow pace of the road turned this ride into the highlight of our trip!

We don't get this very often in South Florida where we live.  In Palm Beach, everything's pretty much laid out in NSEW directions with 90 degree turns everywhere, so these roads are quite a treat.

Old Sugar Plantations are around here.

Looks like a great spot to stop for a swim…but wait!  There's GATORS in there!

Now we've moved onto Old Dixie Highway, and we're not heading South, on the third leg of the journey.

There's some really nice houses here that just pop up while you're riding.

Now we're crossing back East over the Indria River, and we're going to merge into Beach Street.  There were a lot of Daytona Bikeweek Festivities on Beach Street as well because there were several new dealerships to go along with the HD dealership including BMW, Indian, and Victory.

A nice little house…

This car was in perfect shape, and looking for a new owner…GLAD I DIDN'T BRING THE CHECKBOOK!

The homes along the river were just spectacular!

We ended up continuing South to Daytona on this road, and already passed the bridge we started on.  This bridge is the next one North from the main strip.  We'll cross the bridge here, and end up on Beach Street, just North of Main Street.

Here's a new ROAR store. They build and sell specifically for women, and Jenny really liked the store.

Back to "Bikeweek" on Beach Street.  A lot more bikes here, and feels more like something special going on.

We couldn't tell if this was a real wedding, or if they're shooting an Indian commercial. This was taken right across from the Indian dealership. Hottie on a hot bike!


Our last evening had warmer temperatures (60's), clear skies, and a full moon.  This is the moonrise over the Atlantic ocean.  Nice way to end a beautiful day of riding!

The next morning, we woke up around 8:00, had a nice breakfast, and decided to leave early and take the long way home. (If we stay on I95, it's about a 3 hour ride on the slab).  We got on St. Rd. 5 which combined with US1 at places.  Nice road.

Once again, nice roads, empty roads, and smooth sailing at 55mph for a good part of the way home.

Getting into Titusville and the Cocoa Beach area.  We didn't get a good picture this time, but looking East (left) you can see the huge NASA Vehicle Assembly Building across the water and on the cape…about 10-12 miles East of where we were.

A train switch-yard just outside of Cocoa.  Cocoa, because of Nasa is a very industrial town.

Love riding along the Intracoastal Waterway.  So do the folks in the boat!

Well, we've made it to Melbourne in just 2.5 hours…it's time to mosey over to I95 for the final 1.5 hours home to avoid the traffic around town.We had a wonderful 6 hour trip back home, and arrived relaxed and feeling great! Nothing like taking your time coming and going when on a road trip. My wife and I got along great the entire time, and we had great music and conversation while riding. 

This ranks as one of our favorite vacations of all time because of the adventure on the bike, not having to deal with huge crowds, we were totally relaxed, and everything went right - no "incidents" of any sort.I can't wait until next year, and I hope I get to meet and ride with all of you!

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Created By: Vertuno J  On 3/23/2010 3:41:32 PM
   Your story and pictures are probably the best account of Bike Week I've ever seen. It's quite gratifying to see and hear of fellow riders that realize the enjoyment comes from the sights, the sounds, the smells of being on the road - not necessarily the festivities at the event location. Thanks for sharing!
Created By: Brandt B  On 4/21/2010 11:47:34 AM
   I'm so envious. Thanks for sharing these photographs.

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