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Cooling Fins Mod

4/4/2010 3:29:14 PM

Engine Cooling Fins Mod

This week as I was looking through the tech section on my favorite forum, Royal Star Venture and Touring Deluxe, I came across a mod that another member (V-4 Vendetta) in regards to "chroming" the engine cooling fins, and decided I like the look and today was a great day to do it, since I promised my wife I'd hang around on Easter.

On the stock Royal Star Venture, the engine cooling fins are partially painted black, and part was machined to show a bit of aluminum.  We're not sure why Yamaha stopped there, but I like what V-4 did to his bike, so I did it to mine as well, and of course documented the procedure.

Here is the old and new pics, so you can see what was done, then I'll show you how I did it.  Of course, this type of mod can be done on any make or model bike, so read on…

I always start by cleaning up my work area, and gathering the tools I'm going to need. I used a sanding block with coarse sandpaper, an allen wrench to take off the side covers, and then I also used a dermal with a circular stone sanding bit once I did the first one by hand so I could finish up quicker.  I did the first by hand, because I didn't know how hard or soft the aluminum was, and I didn't want to gouge it.

I removed the 3 bolts holding the metal cooling fins on.  Here's the exposed engine block (I knew there was a Vmax motor hiding under there…well, at least it's slower cousin!).  :)

I then used some masking tape two layers thick around the sides so I wouldn't accidentally scratch the paint.

Next, I started lightly sanding the first fin using my sanding block. (This is the same sanding block that I used to build all my beautiful model R/C airplanes and jets). It's a piece of balsa wood about 1/2" thick, with sandpaper from a belt sander glued on.  It's 20 years old and still great!

You can see that I'm just taking off the paint and letting the clean aluminum shine through.  It's not taking very long either.

WHEW! First one finished! Not bad!

I'm using Blue threadlocker to make sure my bolts don't ever rattle off. You should use this on EVERY metal bolt you ever remove and replace on your bike!  It's not permanent - DO NOT USE PERMANENT!!!!

I have reinstalled the finished part, and you can clearly see a difference! I like it much better, and can't wait to see it at night hopefully catching the light from my color-changing accent lights!

Here's the second piece, and I'm using my variable speed dermal set on 6 (of 10). Use a light touch and LET THE TOOL DO THE WORK. This goes a lot faster, with the same results.

Here's the problem with going TOO fast - I slipped and nicked the black paint - dammit!  Well, luckily I have a black Sharpie standing by - it's invisible now  :)

Ta-Da!!!! The finished product.  Looking great now.  I immediately cleaned it up using Joe's Juice, which has a good amount of Carnuba wax in it.

I like these little 1-2 hour projects for a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Now it's time to take a little ride and show it off a bit!

Ride Safe and Have Fun!

Mark Turkel,



Created By: heckman w  On 4/4/2010 5:49:57 PM
   Nice up shorts picture. :) Great mod.
Created By: Admin S  On 4/5/2010 10:29:30 AM
   At least I wasn't wearing my "Holy" shorts! It's Easter, you know...
Created By: Farr D  On 9/25/2011 2:59:28 AM
   That is a great mod! I'm going to do it to my V* 650 custom now.

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