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I'm as bad as my wife...another new helmet!

4/8/2010 11:32:14 AM

I'm as bad as my wife...

Her thing is purses and shoes....I guess my fetish is the search for the perfect helmet...

So, yeah, I got a problem...It gets DAMN hot in Florida during the summer.  It's already hot today - in the 80's and humid.  We're back to the "other" weather pattern...We have Winter and Summer with about 2 weeks of spring mixed in. It's over already...I was sweating in my helmet yesterday. Ugh.

Last summer, based on reviews and discussions, I bought a Gmax 68s helmet - the one that looks like a Transformer helmet with all the vents (18 to be exact).  I realized yesterday that I'm kidding myself with it, after riding this winter with my Scorpion Exo 400 "winter" helmet. The Scorpion has way better venting than the GMax does. NO CONTEST.

Gmax 68s

Buy my wife kinda inherited the Scorpion over her old Seven-Zero-Seven helmet because of the fit and quality...My son is using a KBC that we picked up on sale, and I tried that yesterday, too.  The venting was pretty darn good, but it was too big and moved on my head. Also the padding wasn't quite as nice as the Scorpion. So I decided it's time for a new lid...

Scorpion Exo 400 Octane

So I went to CycleGear yesterday and tried on a bunch.  I set a $250 limit and tried on everything.  I couldn't make a decision - nothing was demanding that I buy it now...so I refrained. BTW: I love Cycle Gear - they're the nicest folks, and they seriously stand behind everything they sell. They have done me right on an 8 month old Motoboss jacket that the cuffs started fraying, and on gloves that were just as old that started to fall apart, as well as a rainsuit with a bad zipper.  All were replaced with no questions, and I knew they would be good if I bought a helmet from them, too. Unfortunately, I just didn't find the one I wanted…

I then went to my local Metric dealership because I knew they had very overpriced helmets in brands that CycleGear didn't carry - Icon and Joe Rocket and HJC.
The Joe Rocket Carbon in blue called my name as soon as I walked in the door...I tried it on...they are sized bigger than the others, so I went down to the medium, and it fit like a glove.  It was light, too, compared to the Scorpion, and the padding was very good quality.

Joe Rocket TKT101 Carbon

I think the venting (most important) is great - as they actually made holes (1/2") in the PADDING to all the hot air to escape through the top exit vents.  None of the other brands had that! For all the others, it's like putting a blanket over the hole...so they were there, but really non-functional.

Anyway, I really liked the Joe Rocket helmet…finish was beautiful, weight was great (carbon fibre), looks like the best venting…OK - I found a winner…but wait! Look at the price: $339 (on sale). I pull out my trusty iPhone and did a little web surfing and found a great deal at MotorcycleSuperstore.com - I've bought from them before and have always been happy with them.  The helmet was $229 with free shipping.  So I ask the metric guy at the dealership if he can give me a better price, and the answer was "we don't do that"….OK, so have fun wiping the dust off the helmet…I tried to support the local guy, but they would rather whine and cry about not having business…so I purchased it online, after doing all the work at the dealership. Sized it, wore it…liked it, wanted to BUY IT, but they didn't want to sell it. Gee, don't cry when you go out of business…Did I mention that I spent 30 minutes there and was never greeted???  How do they expect to sell ANYTHING?

So…I went home and ordered online and saved myself the $110 + tax. I bought a mirrored windshield (extra) with the money I saved, too.

I'll have the helmet in 2 days, and I'll post some pictures and update this article with my review, but in the meantime, I'd be very interested in knowing:

What helmet do you wear, where did you get it, how much did you pay, and how was the buying experience?

Until next time, ride safe and have fun!
Mark Turkel



Created By: Admin S  On 4/30/2010 4:27:22 PM
   OK, so I LOVE LOVE LOVE this helmet! It's starting to get pretty hot here in South Florida, and when I take off my helmet, I'm not all sweaty and nasty! Good ventilation! The helmet runs LARGE, so get one size smaller than normal. I usually wear a large, and this helmet the Medium is perfect.
Created By: McMonigle D  On 5/25/2010 5:35:33 PM
   I wear a doorag. Much more comfortable. I have an old 3/4 helmet I drag out when I take the Experienced Riders Course, or have to go to the socialist state of NJ, or peoples republic of MD.

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