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Southern Cruisers Riding Club

10/20/2009 10:27:13 AM

It's so nice to have friends all over North America!  I have friends that I don't even know yet...how? why?  Well, I am a member of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club, and yesterday I was reminded how lucky I am to have found this club and I want to tell all of you about it so you can be part of it as well.

Just yesterday, I met an SCRC brother from California via Twitter! Karl Valentine-Rothenberg (One-Eye) has a great website, http://www.TwistTheGrip.com - and I want to encourage all of you to visit - he's got some really great info there!  When I head out West, I will definitely meet with Karl and buy him a nice cold one! Kark has been with Mount Baldy #449 for roughly a year. The group is made up of cops (retired and active) Technical pro’s, teachers and high school principals and all other walks of life. We aren’t a bunch of unwashed thugs like most, non-riders think. Karl says: I don’t consider myself a 'biker' but instead I regard myself and the others with whom I ride as 'motorcycle enthusiasts'. It’s an important distinction.

A little history about my club experiences...when I first started riding (again) a few years ago, I joined a motorcycle club just so I can spend more time with my good friend Jarrod and get some group rides in, because he always told me how fun it was.  I went on a couple of rides, really enjoyed myself, and then joined the club. It ended up being something I didn't expect - the club's goals were changing and the
members were way more interested in raising money for kids than actual riding. 

Although it was a good cause, I donate my time and money in other ways through my business, and realized that it was not the right club for me.  The people were nice, but it was more about not riding than riding...So I kinda fell off the truck. I was really looking to just ride with other enthusiasts, and not think
about "work" and charities. (Sounds shallow when I write this but it's true...)

I had been hearing and reading about SCRC on different forums, and it seemed that just about everyone online that I was friends with were part of this organization, and I hoped that this was a club where they were centered around RIDING. 

I went to the SCRC main site, http://www.scrcnational.com and found out some great stuff!  First, there's a local chapter in my area, and second IT'S FREE TO JOIN, third: they're all about RIDING! So I checked things out, and joined up with SCRC #456 here in West Palm Beach, Florida.

It's been over a year now, and I have to tell you that it's the best move I've made in regards to motorcycles! This group has a great ride EVERY WEEKEND!  They have a formal weekend ride, and there's also something called "pickup rides" which is informal and just a bunch of cruisers getting together for some sort of adventure.  In my case, there's a guy who organizes a pickup ride every Thursday.  It's great - always someone ready to ride and a new road to travel on.

I have made so many good friends in my local chapter, and I've come to learn that I have friends from other chapters all over the place!  They extend friendship, travel tips, some even let you camp in their yards or stay in their homes while you're traveling, some provide mechanical help, towing help and more.

If you're a SCRC member, please connect with me! My email is Mark@RideBellChain.com and you can follow me as well on Twitter: @RideBellChain or join our group on LinkedIn (RideBellChain). If you're not yet a member, I really hope you find your local chapter and join - you won't be sorry.

One last note, if you've never been a club person, or have this picture in your mind that biker clubs are a bunch of criminals and shady folks, you are absolutely WRONG. Give it a try - meet some new friends, and extend your riding horizons to group rides. It's fun and rewarding, and everyone can use more friends, right?

Ride Safe and Have Fun!
Mark Turkel



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