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From Alan:

Thank you very much for your help I really appreciate it. I am going to purchase that now. You have been a big help. I have been really looking forward to getting one of these and it will make the trips a little bit easier!
Once again thank you very much Mark,

From "PamsBliss" on the Women Who Ride Forum:

Mark, Thanks again for starting the BellChain. I know I got my bell and purchased for the next person. Received a wonderful & fun email from that person and a new friendship started. THANKS

From Lanie via email:

Somebody on a forum I'm on asked about "the guy who had the bells" (LOL) and someone else posted your site! Very good job you're doing! Makes it easy to surprize people with a bell.

From "MeAndMyAero" on the Shadow Aero 750 Forum:

Hi Mark, Great work-- and I'll register to buy the next bell in a little while :o)

From "VetLady" posted on one of the forums:

Just wanted to tell you all about a new web site you might be interested in......it's awesome and was created by a member over in the 750 Honda Shadow Forum, for those of us that wish to exchange Ride Bells.......we all know it's bad luck to buy your own, so Mark has gone ahead and set up this great site....you put your name on his list (all done behind the scene) buy a ride bell for someone......either the next person on the list or someone that you know, all you need to do is provide the name and address. Paypal is used for payment. I put my name on the list last week and recieved my bell yesterday.......he has done alot of work on the site, its really nice and he has a great selection of bells.

From Bob via email:

Hey Mark, Thanks ,I tell all the people that i know how rides motorcycles about your site.I think it's a great idea that you have.

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